HBN Coronavirus Tips and Review-PART 1

I am NOT happy that I need to write about this topic again. But, as you may have noticed, this pandemic is still spreading and there is currently no end in sight.

We get lots of advice from the usual news channels about how to slow the spread of the virus. (Here is an excellent short video explaining how pandemics occur and why the new rules are not an overreaction.) So far, I have not heard a peep about keeping our immune systems in good shape so that we don’t become one of the statistics.* Eventually, we will probably all be exposed to covid-19, so immune support is crucial and this blog seems needed. At the end, I have a joke because laughter is good medicine too (see today’s photo).

The main symptoms of this coronavirus are fever, tiredness, dry cough, and shortness of breath. Please forward this blog link to friends and family that are concerned about covid-19

Conventional advice that may make sense. Efforts to slow the spread of the virus are logical…for one thing, we want to avoid a surge in cases that could overwhelm hospitals. One common suggestion is to avoid people who are sick. That isn’t too hard. But it is trickier to stay away from virus “carriers” who are contagious, but who do not show symptoms (A clinic in China reported that 80% of infected individuals experienced NO symptoms whatsoever) or even know that they have been exposed. So far, young and healthy folks like college kids have shown little interest in protecting others by practicing “social distancing”—e.g. staying 6 feet (cough zone) away from others and avoiding crowds of all sizes. Recent news that there has been an increase in serious consequences of covid-19 among the young might get their attention.

However, since those under age 25 seem to feel that they are invincible, I’m not holding my breath. Husband Bill and I (like many of you I suspect) are in the statistical “high-risk age group” and so will continue staying away from crowds and work to improve our immune systems!

Sunshine. The news reports make it sound as though the virus itself is afraid of warm weather. It may actually be heat-sensitive and that makes one wonder if keeping the rumors about aiming a hairdryer up your nose is a good idea. (I could find no proof and It is apparently not useful or safe.). However, I agree with respected experts who believe that the more compelling reason such diseases wane in the summer is that because the earth has tilted the northern hemisphere (us) toward the sun again, there is more sunshine. Also, people are outdoors more often with fewer cloths and with increased sun exposure, make more vitamin D. (See next item).

Vitamin D. Because vitamin D is so crucial for immune function against viruses, please get sun exposure when you can and supplement vitamin D—more during the winter. If you’ve been tested and know what amount it takes to keep your blood levels at or above 75-80 ng/ml, great! If not, consider taking a 5,000 to 8,000 IU supplement per day. Also, at the first sign of illness, take a whopping dose of 50,000 IU for 3 days. Learn more about vitamin D. Some scientists estimate that if vitamin D deficiency was routinely treated, that could cut the covid-19 death rate in half!

Zinc. The trace mineral zinc is required to produce T-cells [one type of immune cells] which produce long-lasting immunity from exposure to a virus. We even need zinc to make vaccines effective! Because most Americans do not eat enough of the foods that are high in zinc and encounter zinc blockers like alcohol and copper, I recommend taking a zinc supplement. Molecular Multi is a great way to get 30 mg of zinc in a good form along with many other important nutrients.

Garlic. Garlic was found to be very protective during the bubonic plague (the “black death that devasted Europe in the 14th century). Bill Sardi formulated Garlinexto release antimicrobial allicin like what you’d get from eating fresh garlic. (Other garlic supplement brands that say they have allicin really do not.) Kyolic garlic does not claim to have allicin. Kyolic garlic is aged to increase potency, to create new therapeutic compounds and to eliminate odor. It does its fine work for the whole body in a more indirect long-term way which has been proven in hundreds of studies. Check out their immune supporting formulas.

Pamper your gut bacteria. Because something like 75% of our immune function is in the gut, we need to make sure our probiotic army is in full force. In addition to supplementing with unique Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics, please avoid killing off your good guys with chemicals. Drugs, especially antibiotics, are prime offenders—remember that antibiotics do NOT help with viruses. There are also probiotic-damaging chemicals in tap water (e.g. chlorine), processed food (think residues of pesticides and Roundup as well as added preservatives and traces of mercury which we now know can come from high fructose corn syrup). Essential Formulas, Inc. which brought us Dr. Ohhira’s, also offers a Bee Propolis product that is immune supportive.

NEXT WEEK, Part 2 will cover diet, lifestyle, medications and advice from some of our HBN experts including how to keep your immune system from overreacting…and I have another joke to lighten the mood which threatens to be somber.

* OOPS, I found an exception to the rule…According to the Washingtonian whose expert is the same Dr. Anthony Fauci (director of NIH’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and Trump spokesperson who you see constantly on TV) surprisingly said this: “Take vitamin C. It can enhance your body’s defense against microbes. I take 1,000 milligrams a day. Many people also do not get enough vitamin D, which affects a lot of body functions, so that would be helpful, too.” Too bad he didn’t say that on a bigger platform such as network news.


Boredom. With sporting events canceled, and folks being warned away from movie theaters, restaurants, bars and parties, folks are bound to be looking for other activities. Just like as is the case with blackouts, we can like assume that 9 months from now there may be an increase in births. It has been suggested that just as millennials were named for the times, these kiddos might be called “Coronials”.

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