Sherry Rogers, MD – Interview Review

Over the past few months, Dr. Rogers has spent 4-6 hours a day digesting all the scientific studies that relate to covid-19. I believe that we should listen to Dr. Rogers–not just because of her impressive credentials and stellar history, but also because, at age 77, she plays tennis two hours a day and is as mentally sharp as ever!

Dr. Rogers brings new ideas because she objectively investigates many prestigious journals like the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). Shockingly, she discovered that when autopsies are done on patients who died from covid-19, the lung tissue cells seemed to have suffered from a unique fast-growing type of cancer. The May 16, 2020 interview was very dense with important information (you can listen to it again in the archives at that link), but regrettably, I cannot make this review blog short.

Dr. Rogers reminded us that the US fares worse with covid-19 because we are #43 in world in health. (Let that sink in…never mind we spend twice as much on sickness care, 42 other countries are healthier!)  Unfortunately, we are probably #1 in the prevalence of “underlying conditions” (e.g. high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, etc.) that make people at much higher risk of a serious covid-19 outcome. In her opinion, two of the reasons for our poor standing in the world is that the medical system hasn’t trained docs to dig for and fix the root causes of disease. She also points to the problem that every part of the body is treated by a different specialist and they cannot see the big patterns that link issues.

Back to covid-19. Dr. Rogers lists these stages:

  1. Virus attaches to the outside of our cells. Coronavirus cannot attach if the cell is healthy and has adequate cytokines. It is most fundamental to general health and maintaining protective cytokines to get rid of the 7 Toxic M’s.
  2. Virus enters the cells. A strong, effective cell membrane is the barrier to entry as well as to normal cell function. (Nutrients can get in and wastes can get out). For more on that, we talked about cell membranes and covid-19 during Rogers’ March 7, 2020 interview. She recommends cod liver oil (in glass bottle), Phosphatidyl Choline Powder, vitamin E complex with all 8 forms and Phosphatidyl Serine. (Her newsletters give more details, but, in general, I would say to take those per label instructions.)

Dr. Rogers said the viruses get inside the cell through ACE2 doorways. If a person is taking blood pressure medicines, statin cholesterol drugs, medications for a-fib or heart failure, or many other meds, their cells create 2, 3 or even 4 times more of these ACE2 doorways!  That effect of the very common medications is an often-overlooked reason that people with “underlying conditions” are at higher risk for covid-19. (CAUTION: don’t create a cardio problem by getting off the drugs without first solving that problem with safer natural remedies for most of those conditions.) Vitamin D closes those ACE2 doorways! Dr. Rogers warned that vitamin D Blood Test Result forms incorrectly list 32 ng/ml as “normal”, but it is much safer to be in the ideal 80-100 ng/ml range.

  1. Virus Reproduces (i.e. it uses our cell machinery to replicate itself and spread) That replication is stopped by zinc. (Zinc is in 200+ enzymes. Signs of its deficiency can mimic any) Incidentally, the much-debated drug, hydroxychloroquine works by helping zinc get into cells. That is why President Trump has said several times that he is taking zinc. Bill Sardi taught us that the herbal extract, quercetin, naturally found in onions and apple peel does the same thing but without the side effects of hydroxychloroquine . (Will someone please tell President Trump about quercetin?)
  2. Virus Hides (hibernates). Like many other viruses, it hangs out in the nooks and crannies of the intestinal tract. There it is not detected by the immune system, has a steady food supply and its wastes can be removed. Dr. Rogers pointed out that half of the body’s detox system is in the gut and repeated what I often mention that three fourths of the immune system is also there. When the gut becomes too toxic, it is no longer a useful place for the virus to stay and it comes out of hiding in big numbers.
  3. When it does come out of hiding, the virus can cause “leaky lungs” (she coined that term) and blood clots which is the body trying to repair the damage. It is similar to “leaky gut” and “leaky blood brain barrier” that we have discussed on the show.

Grapeseed extract. Dr. Rogers says that if you were going to take just one thing to keep the virus from multiplying in the gut and causing leaky gut (and it helps insulin resistance and reduces heavy metals), take Grapeseed extract. Mix ¼ tsp powder in a little water and put the cup on the nightstand to take when you wake up during the night. (She suggested you have extra water handy to chase its icky taste.)

Tocotrienols. This is a major component of the vitamin E family mentioned above regarding cell membranes and has many amazing benefits especially for heart disease and cancer. Dr. Rogers says it can be a good test when auditioning doctors. If he or she does not know what Tocotrienols are, you probably won’t be healed by that one.

Callers had more questions than we had time for. I said on air that I would ask her later. But she prefers to come back on the show to answer them. So, I’m making a list—let me know what you want me to ask. By the way, when you subscribe to Dr. Rogers 2020 newsletter you receive any issues that you missed earlier in 2020 (at least that is the case with the emailed version).

Stay safe!

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  1. Diane M. says:

    I had a consultation with Dr. Rogers, and she told me to take zinc. I take 30mg Carlson chelated zinc every day, which is what is recommended on the bottle. On another show, a biochemist said to take 100mg of zinc every day in order to keep your immune system in top shape. Can I safely take 100mg of zinc every day? Or does Dr. Rogers suggest a different amount?

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