The Care and Feeding of Your Brain, PART 5

In brain blogs Part 1 and Part 2, I discussed actions and substances to AVOID if you want to maintain brain health. Part 3 and Part 4 covered POSITIVE ACTIONS to take to protect the brain. Part 5 will discuss brain SUPPLEMENTS, but do remember that they are not a substitute for the items covered in Parts 1-4. We can’t wait for big pharma to discover a drug for Alzheimer’s Disease because they have not shown progress. Even so, the government does not allow natural products to claim help with brain problems. Fortunately, we can say that they help support normal function.

Multivitamin Mineral. B complex vitamins are particularly important for the nervous system. However, because the human body is so complex, if any single nutrient is lacking, that can throw the brain a curve. We have done whole shows on the wonders of vitamin B12. Deficiency of that vitamin can be diagnosed as dementia and can cause permanent nerve damage. Bill Sardi has taught us about vitamin B1 (thiamin or Benfotiamine). This is an interesting study, Long-Term Cognitive Improvement After Benfotiamine Administration in Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). Here is another study on the nutrient with patients who have mild cognitive impairment or worse.We obviously do not want to wait until we are in diagnosable trouble before helping the brain.

A good multivitamin /mineral benefits the brain and all body parts and systems which may indirectly affect the brain. For example, poor blood sugar management is a risk factor for Alzheimer’s and the mineral chromium helps with that. The mineral selenium helps protect nerve tissues and supports cellular energy production which boosts nerve communication. A balanced multi is the best base for a supplement program. The best one I have ever found (and the one I personally take) is Molecular Multi. It has excellent forms of the nutrients and in meaningful amounts. The great deal where you Buy 3 Molecular Multi and get 2 free brings the cost down to about $1 a day. The recommended dose of the product is 4 capsules a day, but even at 2 a day (about 50 cents), it is more powerful than any others I have found. What a fabulous deal on health and brain insurance.

Magnesium. Because magnesium takes up a lot of room, multivitamins do not attempt to put in large amounts of it. I always recommend taking extra because of the hundreds of jobs it performs in the body. Please see the list in my article on magnesium. One role is helping the nervous system and brain. Study on that. Note that magnesium levels are typically found to be low in those with Alzheimer’s disease.

Immune system. Many experts believe that infections of various kinds may be leading to dementia. As one example, since early in the 16th century we have known that syphilis can cause brain damage. So, whatever you do to keep your immune system tuned up is good for the brain. As we have discussed relating to covid-19: vitamin D, vitamin C and zinc are key protectors.:

Gingko. Many years ago, I saw a dramatic study demonstrating gingko’s improvement in brain blood circulation (that seems like a good thing). This fairly recent review of 9 clinical trials shows that this ancient herb helps with cognition even among AD patients. They used a gingko extract dose of dose of 240 mg/day which is easily attainable in standard supplements. Our sponsor Jarrow has a good product.

Resveratrol. Memory loss is associated with aging. Calorie restriction slows memory decline. Resveratrol has the same effect as noted in this STUDY. The lovely thing about this natural substance is that instead of side effects, there are a lot of fringe benefits some of which are listed in my Library page on resveratrol. In that article I also detail why the only resveratrol I recommend is Longevinex.

Ashwagandha. This herb is known traditionally in ayurvedic [Indian]medicine for helping the body deal with stress and to help sleep and cognitive function. Again, Jarrow Formulasis a good source.

Combination product. Kyolic’s Neuro-Logicis an impressive combination of ingredients known to help brain function along with the many well-known benefits of aged garlic extract.

Gut health. There is a whole new branch of science investigating the “gut/brain axis”. That is because our gut bacteria digest our foods into substances (postbiotics) that send instructions to the brain (as well as to the immune system and every other function). My choice has long been for the only 3-yrst fermented food concentrate including the naturally formed postbiotics,Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics.

With all these complex connections to the brain and many ways that things can go wrong, it is certainly no wonder that drug companies are not having any luck finding a single silver bullet Alzheimer’s remedy!

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