Nature has an answer that we have been missing

The 11/21/20 radio show with Jeff T Bowles will be so powerful and will focus a lot of attention on vitamin D. That is why, in lieu of a typical blog this week, I’ve updated these vitamin D pages in the library: Vitamin D basics and Vitamin D Supplements

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  1. Tom says:

    I just finished reading this book…it’s an eye opener. Also talks about other vitamins working in concert with “D”. Should be a very good show. The minimum daily requirements for most vits and mins are a complete joke and it certainly is not a one size fits all value. Since the FDA is about half funded by Pharma, this comes as no surprise. I’d much rather try increasing the doses of vits and mins before succumbing to drugs which cannot be natural to the body with all the possible side affects. Thanks.

  2. Gary Thomsen says:

    I have, in the words of a medical doctor at the VA, “received too much medical care”. I had to think about that remark. Since I suffer from some auto-immune conditions and am an avid reader, I started to read some books on that subject such as “Dissolving Illusions”, “Rising from the dead” and “Plague” and started paying more attention to health associated news items. I have come to the conclusion that many of my problems have been caused by the medical-pharma collusion cabal. I believe that God has given us plants, not to merely produce oxygen which keeps us alive but also to keep us healthy. I don’t think we were created to continually be injected and ingest substances which are not naturally occurring, but rather made for the main purpose of profit. It will be interesting to see how my life progresses from this point on. I think of all the times my wife and I have been misdiagnosed and how these wrong diagnoses have affected our lives, and how many friends and loved one I have lost due to medical malpractice.

    • Healthy By Nature says:

      Hi Gary, I receive many comments like yours. It is an unfortunate situation that I think will only be remedied from the bottom up with smart people like you investigating and making other choices. You say you have autoimmune issues. I hope you heard the radio shows from November 21 and November 28 which deal with high dose vitamin D for those. Also, many naturopaths believe that autoimmune illnesses start in the gut…e.g. imbalanced good / bad organisms. You might try Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics. At the lease take comfort knowing that you will help something and not cause more problems.

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