What is a picture REALLY worth?

The old saying is, “A picture is worth a thousand WORDS.” However, I think the picture above is worth tens of thousands … of LIVES, making it priceless. The chart (terrifying) shows that Covid-19 patients, who are deficient in vitamin D and end up in the hospital, may be almost certain to die. Learn more about vitamin D, including healthy levels.

* Thank you to Bill Sardi for sending this shocking but useful chart.  Reference. Details:

Another Picture

The picture above might be worth billions of DOLLARS and thousands of LIVES. That is IF more official attention is paid to why deaths from covid-19 are going down. Then, perhaps the economy can rebound more quickly and the stock market (which, lest we forget, reflects the health of retirement savings) can rebound. This is the 7-day rolling average through June 23. Understandably, deaths as a percentage of cases would drop if a higher proportion of young and relatively health folks more likely to recover are tested. However, this chart also shows a drop in absolute numbers. That welcome decline surely must be due, at least in a small part, to an increased use of remedies that keep patients off often-deadly ventilators. Follow this link to a site describing a consortium of physicians who use a new protocol. It is successful, relatively inexpensive, widely available and produces few side effects. In addition to two medications, it includes intravenous vitamin C and, as indicated, zinc, and vitamins D and B1. Why is the use of this effective protocol not more widespread? This link explains what those doctors believe is the reason. (I would have guessed willful ignorance and that the authorities in power are hellbent on promoting vaccines and are more interested in doing tests on high profit new drugs, even if that is at the expense of the lives of many elderly patients.)

* Chart source. Thank you to Susan Linke for bringing the consortium to my attention.

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