Answers to questions for Sherry Rogers, MD, PART 1

I apologize! During her May 16, 2020 interview, we ran out of time for caller questions. So, Dr. Rogers suggested that we do a show focusing only on listener questions. I loved that idea; however, I should have known better than to attempt a “lightening round” where we would quickly cover a whole bunch of questions. Dr. Rogers simply knows too much! She understands that problems are usually the result of several factors and so she resists treating nutrients like “silver bullet” drugs—the old “you have a problem; I have a pill” medical routine. Note: she does not sell any products and is not a paid spokesperson for any company, so when she mentions a brand, it is because she believes in it. Below is the first installment of a few translated answers to questions listeners have posed.

  • Why were you reading about Guano? Guano is bat poop which is believed by many to be where the covid-19 virus originated.
  • Rogers why do you not have any gray hair at age 77? She says that is the result of her whole diet and lifestyle, not any particularly hair-focused plan.
  • What is the best way to DETOX? There is not just one way. Her wonderful book, Detoxify or Die, tells the whole story. In my video classes on digestion and detoxification, I say (and I’m sure Dr. Rogers agrees) that step one is to identify the sources of toxins and stop accumulating them! (Incidentally, my course is in a set of 5 DVD’s that has been selling elsewhere for about $200. I came across a few sets that I will sell for $39.95 each (free shipping) to the first 3 people who request one. Just email me, [email protected])
  • Is ascorbic acid an acceptable form of vitamin C? The vitamin C in an orange is ascorbic acid and the two terms are used interchangeably. But remember that when you eat an orange, you also get antioxidant bioflavonoids from the white fibers and membranes. Bioflavonoids make the C more useful and keep it in the body longer. (By the way, a green bell pepper or a serving of strawberries contain a lot more vitamin C than an orange.) Supplements of vitamin C can be synthesized (often from corn) but the science cannot find any material difference in the effect on the body. In an ideal world, we would make our own vitamin C from blood sugar like most animals do. That is the intent and apparent effect of Formula 216 which is the C supplement I use.
  • Is it okay to keep using the same water bottle? Plastic bottles leach hormone-disrupting plasticizers into the water. Bacteria and mold can develop in any bottle. So, yes, if it is glass or metal and you wash it well often. I run mine through the dishwasher at least once a week.
  • What are the toxic 7 m’s Dr. Roger’s wants us to get rid of to be healthy? Mercury (we now get it from corn syrup and sugar), Meds (she said statins guarantee Alzheimer’s), Mycotoxins (from yeast overgrowth), Mangled fats (like trans fats), Manufactured toxins (like Teflon), Managed Care and Monsanto (the chemical giant that brought us aspartame and though it sold to Bayer is responsible for spreading GMO’s and the toxic herbicide glyphosate in Roundup® (Note, American’s blood levels of glyphosate are 7 times higher than those of Europeans!) 

In the next installment, we’ will cover the covid-19 questions.

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