Answers to questions for Sherry Rogers, MD, PART 2

These Q & A are about covid-19. (I’m thinking of doing a big covid-19 summary blog soon since the science is evolving, and the media is so often pushing the panic button about the wrong things! 😊) I have edited these questions a bit for space and clarity.

  • In her book, High Blood Pressure Hoax, Dr. Rogers discussed using Monolaurin for Viral Attacks and I wondered why she did not mention that in her discussion of Covid as a Preventative. 

Monolaurin is one of many natural antivirals such as olive leaf extract, resveratrol and elderberry extract. Although not proven for covid use, there is probably some good from taking them for coronavirus. But, Dr. Rogers’ emphasis has been to keep the virus from getting into our cells by keeping the cell membranes in good shape. (Listen to her May 16 interview and read the blog review of that show.) The next step is to make sure there is zinc in the cells because it keeps the virus from reproducing. 

  • If you have FEVER with covid, what to do?

Of course, do all the things we’ve discussed to get well (e.g. vitamin D, zinc, vitamin C). Remember that fever is part of our immune defense. So, it is best to avoid taking fever medicine unless the temperature gets quite high (e.g. 104 or more). Cool cloths and plenty of water help. NEVER give aspirin to children who have a virus because of concern over developing dangerous Reye’s syndrome.

  • Antibodies tests and immunity. There were a couple of questions about how soon are you immune after coronavirus and how long does it last?

Scientists are still figuring those things out and doing a lot of guessing as to the effectiveness and safety of supposed immunity from vaccines that are in the pipeline. Besides disease fighting antibodies, we also make special memory T-cells which will protect us from another encounter with covid-19. They are made in the thymus and that gives us another good reason to keep our thymus in good shape by having enough zinc in our body.

  • How specific is the antibody test? Does an antibody test specify that the person was exposed to the current SARS 2-covid (AKA covid-19, coronavirus) verses another corona viruses that have been circulating for decades?

The tests are supposed to be very specific, but there have been a lot of problems. Here is what the CDC says.

  • Other tests. Roger’s newsletter says to get a red blood cell (RBC) magnesium test and RBC zinc test and the 1,25-dihydroxy vitamin D test.  Are these tests recommended more than an antibody test for the virus?

I’d sure say so. Having those nutrients at good levels will protect you from a lot more health grief than just coronavirus. However, you might end up needing to get an antibody test to prove to your employer or some authority that you are safe to have around.

  • How to fight forced vaccines?

The best way I know is to learn from and use the form designed by Bill Sardi and lawyers, the CONSENT/REFUSAL FORM for the COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS VACCINE. It explains the risks and our rights and, since vaccine makers are protected from lawsuits, puts the responsibility on the provider. (All proceeds from the form’s sales go to NHF to fight for our health freedom.) Using that information with your company and/or local legislators may help fight any mandate for the vaccine.

  • Grape Seed Extract powder. Dr. Rogers said that if you use only one thing for the virus, use GSE at night (1/4 teaspoon). What is the name of the powder and where to get it? is a website that has a whole section of items that Dr. Rogers recommends. They have caps but don’t seem to have a powder. (I’m told that the liquid is topical only.) I did a quick search and found it many places, including Walgreens online.

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