Coronavirus What to Do Naturally—Part 2

OPTIMISM.  Do you like the “I survived Corona Virus 2020” t-shirt in the photo? (You can buy one at this link – note, we are not affiliated with them.) Virtually everyone reading this blog will have soon earned the right to wear one because the odds of contracting the virus are very low and the chance of it being fatal are even lower. Be comforted knowing that because of incomplete and unreliable data, the guesses about the lethality of the disease are just that. Surely, the percentage is lower than what has been publicized because those who are seriously ill are being tested in much greater proportions.  The cruise ship Diamond Princess is not a great example because people were quarantined on board in huddled in their cabins (away from sunshine). The death rate there was 1%, but remember that the infected were almost all elderly folks with other health conditions. Some experts believe the death rate will ultimately turn out to be less than half of that and similar to the annual flu.

Another reason for optimism is that summer is coming soon and with it, we are told, RELIEF from the coronavirus.  By the way, you may have heard a rumor that you can protect or cure yourself by heating up your nose and sinuses with a hair dryer. I could find no science supporting that DIY idea, but I did find this debunking video.

I’ve been collecting tidbits to help us withother ways to keep the coronavirus at bay and more importantly get our immune systems up to the challenge of the times. You’ll see that I often quote Bill Sardi. He was well informed to begin with but has been very diligently researching these topics.

NEXT WEEK: I will provide a list of good resources and give details on several medications that require extra caution in a virus outbreak.

Vitamin D UPDATE. I discussed this crucial immune vitamin last week, but I didn’t mention fully that at the first sign of illness, we should take 50,000 IU of D, but also continue that level for 3-5 days.

Intravenous Vitamin C. This quote from Bill Sardi’s what to do article is exciting.  “In China, 50 cases of moderate to severe COVID-19 coronavirus infections were given intravenous vitamin C.  Hospital stays were shortened by 3-5 days.  There were no side effects with vitamin C therapy.  ALL PATIENTS IMPROVED – NO MORTALITY!” Also, there were no negative side effects. It is much harder to get good blood levels with oral supplements.

Oral Vitamin C – For prevention of the flu, the average person probably thinks first of vitamin C and he or she is on the right track. Most animals make their own vitamin C internally and are therefore less prone to infection. We should increase our daily supplements of vitamin C and Mr. Sardi advises “If ill, increase oral vitamin C to 3000 milligrams every 4 hours until improved.”

Vitamin B1 – Check out this interesting journal article: Is Parenteral Thiamin a Super Antibiotic? According to Bill Sardi wrote “Supplements of vitamin B1  an excellent but overlooked natural fever buster, germ-killer and lung crackle-sound. The superior forms of B1 in dietary supplements are benfotiamine or allithiamine which are preferred over thiamin hydrochloride.”  He went on to point out that refined sugar, alcohol, tea, coffee, carbohydrates (bread, pasta, cereal) deplete vitamin B1.

Diet. Of course, eating healthful foods prevents future disease, but it also helps right now build resistance to whatever is going around. Keeping it simple: vegetables and spices = good / sugar = bad. We might crave comfort foods but should remember that sugar suppresses immune function for hours.

Eggs. Mr. Sardi suggests “you might add eggs to your diet, and the diet of your kids.  An egg contains 100-150 milligrams of immunoglobulins – proteins in blood serum aka antibodies that bind to antigens such as bacteria and viruses, resulting in their destruction.  Egg yolks are actually an alternative to antibiotics.  Whereas specific monoclonal antibodies are what modern medicine relies upon, polyclonal antibodies in eggs provide broad protection against all strains of flu viruses and cold viruses, like coronavirus.  Egg yolk powder is also an alternative.  You can read about the history and application of egg immunoglobulins at Knowledgeofhealth.comEgg yolk powder is also widely available.”    

AVOID the danger of immune overreaction. In some cases, an immune system that is supersensitive can respond too strongly and cause big trouble. (Think of chasing a mosquito in the house with a flame thrower.) In one of Bill Sardi’s articles, he states “To normalize the immune response so that white blood cells called neutrophils don’t over-respond to produce inflammation themselves which then results in your lungs filling up with fluid [that in turn can lead to pneumonia], vitamin D and the red wine molecule resveratrol combined normalize the immune response.”

Resveratrol by itself is a potent anti-viral agent against coronavirus.  In a lab dish, resveratrol “completely blocked viral replication even at a low concentration.” 

Hydration. There are many health reasons to stay hydrated, but I’ve seen a suggestion that taking a few sips of water every 15 minutes will wash viruses down through your throat and into the stomach. Once there, your stomach acid should kill all viruses—unless you are taking acid-blocking heartburn drugs. (Those meds have been shown to increase the risk of pneumonia.)

Strengthen your cell membranes. Sherry Rogers, MD told our radio audience that if the membranes of our cell are functioning properly, viruses cannot attach and get inside to replicate. Her advice: cod liver oil, phosphatidyl choline and the whole vitamin E family. See a recent blog for details such as brands and dosage.

Stem Cell Therapy.  Since stem cells support immune function, it stands to reason they would be helpful for prevention and even in case of dealing with infection. In the past, we’ve highlighted some remarkable results using human umbilical cord stem cells even with advanced cancer. I recently got stem cell therapy for general health. There are now at least 3 clinical trials underway in China studying stem cell therapy specifically for covid-19 pneumonia, Here is one example. Read more about stem cell therapy in my Library article.

Negative Ions. A listener asked me if a negative generator would be a good idea these days and suggested taking one to the hospital for a relative. I was a bit embarrassed that I hadn’t thought of that because I know that negative ions remove bacteria and allergens. In searching PubMed, I found that there has been a lot of research on negative ions as a way of reducing airborne transmission of viruses. Here is an example (and it lists 46 other studies in the notes). Ionbox is the brand I use.

Good sleep and exercise. Those along with a good diet are among the virus preventive recommendations of the Kotsanis Institute which is also preparing hydrogen peroxide mixtures for their patients to use at home in their nebulizers.


  • “If you need 144 rolls of toilet paper for a 14-day covid-19 quarantine, shouldn’t you have been seeing a doctor long before this?”
  • Day 2 without sports: “Found a young lady on my couch. Apparently, she is my wife. She seems nice.”

Do you think it is insensitive to tell jokes during a pandemic? Well, consider this: the idea “Laughter is the best medicine” goes back at least as far as Henri de Mondeville, a professor of surgery in the 1300s. Many studies have demonstrated the health benefits of laughter. Laughing helps with pain, sleep loss, depression, stress, blood pressure, blood sugar and it protects the heart. More to the point for the times, laughter increases natural killer cell activity and in other ways improves our immune defense against respiratory infections.

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