Stem cells / Constipation / Ultra-process foods

Stem Cells. I was beyond thrilled by what my guests told us on the show last week. I knew that therapy with Human Umbilical Cord Stem Cells could do marvelous things, but their stories (about cancer, kidney failure, Parkinson’s and more) elevated “marvelous” to “miraculous” for me. If you did not hear that program, I sure hope that you will listen to the archived show. We probably all know someone who would benefit from our forwarding that link. I want everyone to understand that the type of stem cells and the provider make a big difference! Read my refreshed blog post, Regenerate the tissues that time and trauma degenerate. I also updated the article: Regeneration with Human Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy.

Constipation – A unique approach. The usual recommendation is to eat more fiber; drink more water; and get more exercise. Beyond that, laxatives are the conventional go-to remedy. But, those have limitations. A new approach being tested in clinical trials does not rely on chemicals. It uses a capsule that gives off vibrations which remind the digestive tract to get moving. Here is a website with more information. We got a hint of that at the end of the show last week when Vanessa Galvan (who represents Alinea Research at the Kotsanis Institute) told us about a clinical study they are doing on constipation. In the DFW area, they are conducting a clinical study on constipation using this capsule. Call Vanessa at 972.595.4415. She will also be in our Health, Home and Garden Expo, 8/24 with Dr. Kotsanis and his staff.

It is too easy to eat junk. A new university study shows that 70% of packaged foods in the grocery are ultra-processed. The CDC says that type of food leads to overeating and weight gain. But, surely it’s a serious problem on many other counts. Besides lacking needed nutrition, the contents of these foods are hard on our microbiome. We depend on our gut bacteria for everything from our brain function and immune function to liver health and well…everything! According to this article, “ultra-processed” means it is more “lab product than actual food”. An interesting observation was that “The worst of the worst food- and drink-like products were not sodas, or even power bars, but bread products. Breads were high in unhealthy saturated fat, sugar, sodium and calories overall.”

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