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The frustrating food fat follies–coconut oil episode

For decades, the diet dictocrats said that eating fat in any form was bad. We should have been suspicious about that advice because those were the same geniuses who told us that formula was better than breast milk and that margarine was better than butter. To their credit, they did finally recognize those ideas were […]

Is worldwide obesity our fault?

The U.S. is rightfully worried about foreign hackers disrupting our life styles by messing with elections and potentially airlines, the power grid, and so on. However, perhaps the rest of the world should be even more worried about how we’ve hacked into their lives. As a leader and role model for the world, it seems […]

Glutathione is a superhero nutrient that packs a powerful punch

During last week’s radio show, Dr. Johnson said that he uses glutathione (GSH) in fighting the effects of mold on the body. Then Howard Garrett and I talked about how many health problems are caused by pesticides. That made me think of glutathione again because it helps with pesticide problems too. GSH is the master […]

Flim-flam and flip flops on saturated fat, statins, diet sodas and fish oil

The average citizen does not spend their days studying health research. They rely on experts to provide guidelines about diet and treatments. Sadly, the “experts” can have good intentions, but offer bad advice. Just in 2017 my blogs discussed misleading pronouncements about doctor’s orders in general, sleep / gluten / vaccines, salt / low fat […]

New research shows a way to preserve your precious eyesight

The exciting information that Bill Sardi brought us on the program Saturday was so powerful and life changing for some folks that I thought I’ better repeat at least some highlights. Most of us probably know someone who is struggling with macular degeneration or has a parent that suffers with it. Do them a giant […]

Could MORE cups of coffee reduce blood pressure?

In last week’s blog I discussed: The great debates about Fat, Salt, Chocolate, what is too much OR TOO LITTLE? It appears that coffee may also have different and surprising effects at various levels of consumption. Below I cherry pick from an article by Jacob Schor ND, FABNO in Natural Medicine Journal. Dr. Schor reviewed […]

The great debates about Fat, Salt, Chocolate, what is too much OR TOO LITTLE?

If a little is good, more is better, right? That does seem to be the American way. We can have too little of good things and miss the benefits. Unfortunately, we can also get too much of even a very good thing. Well-meaning but misguided government agencies often lead us to one extreme or the […]

Regeneration with Human Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy

Before we even begin, let’s get one thing straight. If you had an immediate gut level reaction to the words “Stem Cells” I can assure you that you thought about a total different type. The regeneration stem cells discussed below are from human umbilical cords with which there are no ethical concerns. (We are actually […]

Half-truths in the news about sleep, gluten & vaccines

Longtime radio celebrity, Paul Harvey, used to give part of a story and then take a break. When he came back he’d give “…the rest of the story”.  These days this happens in the news, but with an unfortunate twist…often they do not give the rest of the story. Omitting important facts can be as […]

Popularity versus quality in a multivitamin

Centrum Silver is the top-selling multivitamin brand in the US. That is not very surprising because the company has a gigantic advertising budget and has succeeded in securing shelf space in every major retailer making it very easy to get. While I understand why even very smart people have been persuaded to take Centrum, I […]

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