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Two successful stories of taking charge and using natural approaches

There are two ways to approach health issues. One, the most common, is to wait for symptoms and swallow whatever the doctor prescribes. The other approach is to assume control; do some research into a natural approach; and think about doing what makes the most sense. I heard from two folks who did just that. […]

Red for heart disease should be a month rather than a day

The whole month of October is pink for breast cancer. Why is there just one day dedicated in February to wearing red as a reminder of heart disease in women? Good grief, heart disease kills something like 10 times more women. Yep, annually, 1 in 31 American women dies from breast cancer each year, while […]

How Worrying About Money Affects Your Health

The following article “How Worrying About Money Affects Your Health”, is by David Mielach, a staff writer for It tells the story so well that I decided to just print it as is. “Worrying about money can affect you in more ways than you may realize. New research has found that the risks of […]

Airline crews wearing new uniforms may be “canaries in the coal mine”

Perhaps you have heard that American Airline’s new uniforms have become a hot topic. Surprisingly, it isn’t about the style. I link here to an article in the Chicago Tribune that gives a good summary of the situation. It reports that roughly 10% of the flight attendants issued the uniforms last fall claim that something […]

Sucralose (Splenda) may cause thyroid trouble, weight gain and more problems

Last Saturday on our show, Dr. Frank King discussed that an upset in the P.H.A.T. system is an overlooked cause of weight gain. The “T” of that glandular grouping is the thyroid. It is a gland that is not sufficiently appreciated for its important role in our health. For starters, this little gland in the […]

6 simple health resolutions that almost anyone can keep

Don’t beat yourself up. Ambition and positive thinking are great, but unrealistic goals set us up for failure. Below are six New Year’s resolutions that are easy to follow. And yet they can give our health a good boost or at the very least lay a nice foundation for other more challenging promises that we […]

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh as gifts of HEALTH

The Bible tells us that 3 wise men arrived at the scene of Jesus’s birth bearing gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. That may sound strange compared to modern baby gifts which might be a diaper genie, a mobile or a stuffed animal. We can view Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh as gifts of HEALTH. Gold, […]

Sugar is sugar is sugar, right? Or is it?

Don’t let the chemical symbol for fructose scare you. I am not in the mood for chemistry class either! By now we have all heard that dietary sugar is of greater concern than dietary fat ever was. But is sugar all the same? The Nutrition Facts panel on food products lumps all sugars into one […]

New reasons to appreciate vitamin C for heart health and more

When it was discovered in 1920, vitamin C wasn’t the first vitamin known. However, it may be the most familiar to us. We have heard about early sailors who died from the vitamin C deficiency disease scurvy before it was discovered that adding limes to their rations prevented the disease. (Hence, the reason British sailors […]

Will the new administration be good for our health?

Will the new administration be good for our health? I fervently hope so. This blog is my Wish List for the next 4 years. The President of the United States is the Chief Executive Officer of one of the biggest businesses on the planet. The President can propose or veto legislation; appoint Supreme Court Justices; […]

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