Drowning in drugs – can we really poison our way to health?

Disclaimer: Some medications save lives (if used properly in a crisis). For people who are unwilling or unable to change their diet and lifestyle, drugs can help manage their chronic conditions. Of course, nothing I say below means that I recommend you stop a medication without your doctor’s advice. Note: psychiatric medications are the most […]

The rest of the calcium story

For many decades starting in the 1950’s, radio broadcaster Paul Harvey would tell a story. Then, after a commercial, he would dramatically tell “The Rest of the Story”. The history of official pronouncements about the mineral calcium feels a bit like that. We were told something simple minded that sounded logical to those who didn’t […]

Highlights of Sherry Roger MD’s recent advice

Sherry Rogers, MD blew us away on last Saturday’s show with so much great information that most of us could not take notes fast enough. Also, a few points were a bit technical, so I listened to the show again to provide the highlights below. I’ve arranged the topics we covered using her T.H.I.N.K. acronym, […]

Important books for your library

It probably shows in the photo that I’m very proud of my granddaughter, Kayla Leggett. She just graduated magna cum laude from Texas A & M University (TAMU). On the show website there is a LINK to a closeup picture of the cake I made for her. (BTW, everything you see on my cakes is […]

The big vitamin D mistake

It seems that the government and big medicine have exactly an upside-down approach to dietary supplements. For the most part, they just warn us about any potential harm that they can dream up. These influence leaders should be telling us that supplements might save our lives. Studies of benefit are abundant, but ignored. There is […]

High blood pressure remedies revisited

When Bill Sardi was my guest on the radio program Saturday, he helped us understand the recently revised guidelines for blood pressure that suggest 46% of the population needs treatment. (Read Bill Sardi’s detailed explanation and expert analysis on that topic.) Below  I review some of the points he made, but first, here is a […]

Newsy Tidbits

These mostly have in common  that they came to my attention recently and that they all relate to our health. (Aren’t we complex creatures?) The head of the American Heart Association had a heart attack this week. Cardiologist John Warner, 52, is now recovering and we wish him well. Since he is based in Dallas, […]

Flipflops—no wonder we stay confused

Most of us must depend on our doctors, the media and the government for health information. That is a problem if what a former dean of Harvard medical school, Sydney Burwell, proclaimed is true. He reportedly told students “Half of what you are taught in medical school will be wrong in 10 years’ time. And […]

Bill Sardi on natural support for autoimmune issues

On last week’s program, Bill Sardi discussed thyroid problems. In case you just joined the conversation, you might want to look at last week’s blog for an introduction and short list of symptoms that can be caused by an underactive thyroid gland. To follow up: Several folks asked where to buy Armour thyroid pills. That […]

Are your symptoms due to an under-active thyroid?

It is astonishing that so many health problems can be caused by a thyroid gland that is out balance. Listed below are just some highlights of the wide variety of things that can go wrong if the thyroid is not doing its job properly. Even that short list gives my interview this week with Bill […]

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